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… a continuation. James, the Final Frontier

For those of you who haven’t visited the blog before, welcome!  For the two of you who have, thanks for coming back!  I hope that this can serve as a valuable arena to discuss some tough issues that were teased to the surface last night.

As you can probably tell, I was excited about a certain event that happened last weekend: the opening of the new Star Trek movie.  An unabashed Trekkie, I willingly “boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before.”  Well, maybe not to that extent.  But close.  Real close.

This really does have a point, I promise.  Last night our group was reading through the book of James and took some time to step back and think about what it means to boldly go: whether it’s helping people in need who can’t give back, whether it’s simply sitting on your front porch and saying “hi” in a friendly voice, or whether it means a total change of direction.  For intergalactic space explorers (sorry guys), it means giving up all semblance of normalcy, bunkering down with a small group of people in a confined space, and taking the adventure that follows.

I wonder what will happen when we take the challenge to go without looking back.  I wonder what would happen if we reconciled our call to works in combination with our faith?  Obviously this is a difficult and complex concept, and has been much argued over for centuries.  But the practicality of James is equally clear: go and do.

Comments, criticisms, questions, stories?  What are some issues that other groups wrestled with?


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