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Why YOU should become a librarian – circa 1956!

“Are they your friends? Do you have a real love for books and learning?”

“Do you like people? Do you like all types of people?”

I especially enjoy the part about “professional men” and how administrators are referred to as “he,” while the stereotypical frumpy spinster checks out books to happy-go-lucky Jack and Jane on their way home from the ice cream parlor.

Oh, and if you were wondering, librarians’ salaries are “comparable to those of similar professions.”  I wonder what those “similar professions” are?  And how much those mystery people make?


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Nutty about Conshy

So I have this bad habit of eating entire bags of gummy worms in one sitting. It’s pretty gross, actually. But I just enjoy quality candy, especially that of the gummy variety – sweet, sour, sweet/sour, juicy, crunchy, I could go on… And I thought that the candy aisle in the new mega Giants was my own Southeastern PA Mecca to behold. But apparently an unholy candy store exists that boggles the minds of everyone who dares to enter its gates – and it’s located in the most unlikely place – Conshohocken. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I shall post the follow up once I return from its sacred palatial gardens. It’ll also make me come back to this blog and post something more often than once every six months.


More to come, I promise…

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Anti-Piracy spoof

A hilarious spoof on copyright infringement.  Shown on The IT Crowd, September 7, 2007 on BBC4.

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Want to stalk people?

Good news!  You’ve got more options than just plain old Google.  Here are some of the sites I’ve found amusing: – This site gleans information from MySpace accounts and general websites.  Search by name, location or keyword. – This site also gets much of its information from MySpace accounts.  It also lets you search by tags – say you tagged yourself as “single,” “libra,” “straight,” “college graduate,” and “unemployed.”  You could find others with similar interests and traits with one click. –  Search by name or location and watch Pipl go!  Contact information found is displayed across the top with webpage matches listed down the side.  I didn’t find quite as much on this one, but found it unnerving that I could find just about any of my friends’ addresses by typing in first and last names (without city or state to help, even).  Ancient ICQ profiles included, though.

yoName –  A bit smaller than the other networks – this site searches only specific social networking sites that you specify.  Good for digging up dirt from the distant past, though (remember Friendster?  Or Xanga?).  It also searches blogs.

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Heh… heh… heh.

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Listservs can be a huge Waste.

Nancy Pearl WannabeDid you know that this woman is a Nancy Pearl wannabe?

No, thought not.

The fruit of the 33rd thread of a pointless circ listserv.  I’m rethinking that subscription.

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It’s like FAO Schwartz

So my computer at work finally got a fix – yay! After being unable to use Excel, my email client, and various other programs, it was becoming very annoying to do any sort of work. And let me tell you – as one who LIVES by her Excel spreadsheets to keep order in her life, I was truly out of my mind. But now all is well, I have SP2 (I know, like five years overdue), and Office 2007. Although you would think Microsoft could come up with some better sounding labels than “chunks” and “ribbons” for their Word and Excel rollout. Who the heck wants to use something that reminds them of that time in third grade when they threw up all over the playground? I sure don’t.

Anyway, just trying out a new Firefox extension that lets you post directly from your browser. Pretty cool. I’d give it an eight so far.

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