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A different kind of reading

So I’d turned up my nose at graphic novels and comics as a whole for most of my life. Said, yeah, they’re for kids and grown-ups who can’t face facts and refuse to eat things like steamed vegetables and haddock. Recently, though, things have taken a turn for the worst according to this philosophy, and I’ve discovered a graphic artist that I really enjoy and hope to see more of in the future. A chance encounter with Lucky by Gabrielle Bell, a cartoonist living in New York City, sparked this strange desire to learn more about graphic novels. And then I find that she actually spoke at Bryn Mawr last year, along with a few other women graphic novelists – agghh! I always hear about these things a few months too late. But alas.

Oh, and if my Chris Ware fan is reading – I think I may revisit his stuff again as well. Definitely mind boggling.


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Heh… heh… heh.

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