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Free college?!?

So apparently a one-world order is beginning in the mashed-up form of social networking, higher ed, and pure craziness.  Enter the University of the People.  Lightly blanketed communist bootcamp?  No, just the brainchild of Shai Reshef, an entrepreneur who’s already done his share of online ventures in the business world.

While enrollment wouldn’t be completely free, costs would be kept low (estimated between $10-100 per course) and depend on the individual’s needs.  And, of course, everything would be conducted completely online — no physical buildings needed.

This kind of open courseware has been around for a few years already in the US.  Yale, along with dozens of other universities and colleges, have made certain courses freely available online (not for credit) to anyone with an internet connection and knowledge of the English language.

We’ll see how this venture pans out.  Watch out, University of Phoenix!


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So I haven’t dusted for a while…

It may shock some of you to see that I’m posting again after an eight month long hiatus. Hello, world of internet stalkers and friends alike! It’s nice to see you again.

My wish lies in directing this blog to something more … well … reasonable. Say, a topic that doesn’t range from gummy bears to open access issues. It’s tougher than I initially thought to really get down to brass tacks and write something of interest, value, and perhaps even a bit of humor. This often means chugging out actual original material rather than regurgitating whatever’s on Google Reader at the time.

So I begin with this line of thought: cynicism.

With all that’s been going on in the world the past few months, it’s easy to see why many people choose to plead ignorance and continue on as before, stuffing their faces with DiGiorno frozen pizzas (okay, guilty, I admit) and blindly flip the channel when depressing news gets stuck on repeat night after night. Wars, trials, massacres, famines, floods, and worse ravage the unsuspecting. No amount of charity even seems to come close to healing those wounds.


While I skim the headlines and perhaps take a peek at the more sensational stories in my rss reader, little really sinks in because I’m nice and comfy, nibbling on the grisly scraps of injustice that dribble through the cracks of various media outlets. They leave a bad, greasy taste in my mouth. But what to do?

Add a little cynicism to the diet. Along with a bit of self-willed ignorance, disdain of the state of North American Christianity, and horror at the quality of GM vehicles, I often degress to watching episodes of Jon Stewart while pondering the meaning of pork.

In short, I’m pretty much working from the ground up on this one. I won’t tell if you won’t.

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