Thieves Have Field Day at Library of Congress

You could put it that way in the Washington Post article that outlines the disturbing statistics found: 13 percent of materials, or one sixth of the collection, is nowhere to be found at the Library of Congress.  I’d say that’s something to be concerned about.  Now that I’ve got a bit of an inside view at conducting a library inventory (the library I work at hadn’t been inventoried ever in anyone’s recent memory) and the horrors that show up (you mean there are books on the shelf that have never been cataloged??), maybe the LOC isn’t doing too bad.  I mean, who really reads all of those books anyway?  It’s not like you go there to do some “beach reading” and then grab a Cosmo for the metro ride home.  But, alas, I suppose it is important that the top library in the country have some sense of pride in its massive collection.  Hopefully the culprits didn’t have too much fun with those missing copies of Huckleberry Finn and The Street Lawyer. 


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