Stream it, don’t download it!

Magnatune, a music loving website dedicated to providing access to music at low to no cost, is shifting gears from downloads to streaming.  In an interview with Creative Commons, self-proclaimed “anti-label” Magnatune CEO discusses his plans for the future of the company and the benefits it’ll have for music lovers worldwide.

My own experience with Magnatune has been mixed, but perhaps this only comes after a limited stint with experimenting with their Electronica and World selection.  I’ve found some interesting artists (who will take donations of your choice – and when you buy an album to download, you can choose friends to receive free downloads) but if you want to listen to a playlist straight through, an annoying ad comes at the end of each song, reminding you of the website you got it from for free… not the ideal for background music at parties, but good for experimenting.


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