Want to stalk people?

Good news!  You’ve got more options than just plain old Google.  Here are some of the sites I’ve found amusing:

Wink.com – This site gleans information from MySpace accounts and general websites.  Search by name, location or keyword.

Spock.com – This site also gets much of its information from MySpace accounts.  It also lets you search by tags – say you tagged yourself as “single,” “libra,” “straight,” “college graduate,” and “unemployed.”  You could find others with similar interests and traits with one click.

Pipl.com –  Search by name or location and watch Pipl go!  Contact information found is displayed across the top with webpage matches listed down the side.  I didn’t find quite as much on this one, but found it unnerving that I could find just about any of my friends’ addresses by typing in first and last names (without city or state to help, even).  Ancient ICQ profiles included, though.

yoName –  A bit smaller than the other networks – this site searches only specific social networking sites that you specify.  Good for digging up dirt from the distant past, though (remember Friendster?  Or Xanga?).  It also searches blogs.


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