SP1? In your dreams…

So the rumors that Microsoft will be releasing Service Pack 1 for Vista are as dubious as ever.  If I actually thought they’d roll it out this fall sometime (albeit a year after Vista’s first “beta” release), I might expect schools, universities and companies to jump on the bandwagon.  But no.  And that’s more time Microsoft loses to the little guys like us who don’t have the resources to support an OS that isn’t fully functional yet.  Next summer will be the real test.  This summer was Office 2007.  So far that’s been pretty uneventful, but we also haven’t hit next week when all the students and faculty come back to complain about yet more changes.  Those dang computer people, why don’t they ever stop running around changin’ things?  Why can’t we stay the same?  Don’t we all wish that…


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One response to “SP1? In your dreams…

  1. Adam Osiol

    Hey I’m one of those computer people!!! LOL

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