Crazies in the library?!

I never knew being denied a library card could cause so much angst and fear for so many people. Apparently, one of our infamous patrons (“x”) came back yesterday to try to renew his borrowing privileges for the next year. Only problem: “x” has had a looooong history of intimidating, pestering, whining, and generally causing giant migraines for the circulation department in just about everything they try to do (and mostly get away with). Long story short: a denial blossoms into a mad rant to just about every member of administration of the college, including the president. Let’s just say we had Public Safety on Speed Dial yesterday in case “x” should try to storm the library forceably. However, as I pointed out to a co-worker who had the unhappy duty of denying them access to borrowing (and might I add, this isn’t even kicking them out of the library – it’s just not allowing them to borrow circulating materials), that her sacrifice will save countless others from constant torture and frustration. It was worth it. Although it remains to be seen whether this is truly the last of “x.”


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