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A different kind of reading

So I’d turned up my nose at graphic novels and comics as a whole for most of my life. Said, yeah, they’re for kids and grown-ups who can’t face facts and refuse to eat things like steamed vegetables and haddock. Recently, though, things have taken a turn for the worst according to this philosophy, and I’ve discovered a graphic artist that I really enjoy and hope to see more of in the future. A chance encounter with Lucky by Gabrielle Bell, a cartoonist living in New York City, sparked this strange desire to learn more about graphic novels. And then I find that she actually spoke at Bryn Mawr last year, along with a few other women graphic novelists – agghh! I always hear about these things a few months too late. But alas.

Oh, and if my Chris Ware fan is reading – I think I may revisit his stuff again as well. Definitely mind boggling.


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Heh… heh… heh.

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SP1? In your dreams…

So the rumors that Microsoft will be releasing Service Pack 1 for Vista are as dubious as ever.  If I actually thought they’d roll it out this fall sometime (albeit a year after Vista’s first “beta” release), I might expect schools, universities and companies to jump on the bandwagon.  But no.  And that’s more time Microsoft loses to the little guys like us who don’t have the resources to support an OS that isn’t fully functional yet.  Next summer will be the real test.  This summer was Office 2007.  So far that’s been pretty uneventful, but we also haven’t hit next week when all the students and faculty come back to complain about yet more changes.  Those dang computer people, why don’t they ever stop running around changin’ things?  Why can’t we stay the same?  Don’t we all wish that…

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Listservs can be a huge Waste.

Nancy Pearl WannabeDid you know that this woman is a Nancy Pearl wannabe?

No, thought not.

The fruit of the 33rd thread of a pointless circ listserv.  I’m rethinking that subscription.

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It’s like FAO Schwartz

So my computer at work finally got a fix – yay! After being unable to use Excel, my email client, and various other programs, it was becoming very annoying to do any sort of work. And let me tell you – as one who LIVES by her Excel spreadsheets to keep order in her life, I was truly out of my mind. But now all is well, I have SP2 (I know, like five years overdue), and Office 2007. Although you would think Microsoft could come up with some better sounding labels than “chunks” and “ribbons” for their Word and Excel rollout. Who the heck wants to use something that reminds them of that time in third grade when they threw up all over the playground? I sure don’t.

Anyway, just trying out a new Firefox extension that lets you post directly from your browser. Pretty cool. I’d give it an eight so far.

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Crazies in the library?!

I never knew being denied a library card could cause so much angst and fear for so many people. Apparently, one of our infamous patrons (“x”) came back yesterday to try to renew his borrowing privileges for the next year. Only problem: “x” has had a looooong history of intimidating, pestering, whining, and generally causing giant migraines for the circulation department in just about everything they try to do (and mostly get away with). Long story short: a denial blossoms into a mad rant to just about every member of administration of the college, including the president. Let’s just say we had Public Safety on Speed Dial yesterday in case “x” should try to storm the library forceably. However, as I pointed out to a co-worker who had the unhappy duty of denying them access to borrowing (and might I add, this isn’t even kicking them out of the library – it’s just not allowing them to borrow circulating materials), that her sacrifice will save countless others from constant torture and frustration. It was worth it. Although it remains to be seen whether this is truly the last of “x.”

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Hi, friends!

This is officially my second attempt at a blog. Not sure what blogging’s all about? Neither am I. Let’s learn together, okay? You can start by tagging me on your blog reader. Simply click on the entries RSS link to the right of this post, copy the url from the page that results, and paste that url into your blog reader. It’s that easy. That way, every time I post something new, you can read it from the comfort of your own reader instead of having to find me on this thing (although I think this blog is a lot prettier than my last one – no offense, Blogger).

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